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Should you choose the pink for your event?

Pink is said to be feminine, the colour of romance, softness, of friendship! but, it can be a whole lot more whether you are looking to use it as the main colour or as an accent.

The basics

To make pink we need red and white.

Red brings with it passion, danger, speed, adventure whilst

White brings purity, cleanness, quiet, and innocence.

Mix those two together and the passion of red and purity of white becomes romance.

A redder (hotter) pink hints at adventure whilst a whiter (cooler) pink brings friendship.

Pink is extremely versatile more so than other colours in the way it can sway your feelings.

You can add to the ambience with different whites

You can change pink from being soft and girly to being a statement by adding blue or purple making it hot and rich.

or by adding a dribble of creamy white can add a touch of bygone romance and affection as it relaxes pink to its faded glory.

A splash of yellow and we move to shades of pinkie peach, this gives you the feeling of tenderness and nurturing.

If you can't bring yourself to use pink then its cousin peach can be a good friend.

The Rules

The more you add white the more delicate and ethereal it becomes, think of 'baby pink' what could be more delicate?

The more red you use the more sexy and passionate it becomes.

What a shade of pink are we talking about?

If you need a Sexy look use a burgundy or plum shade this gives depth and mystery.

Just wanting Fun think bright and happy Barbie pink and a selection from bright pink works well.

If you need to invoke Demur and calming look at pastel as you dare this can also look expensive and chic when paired with a darker colour an example would be grey or navy.

Whilst a Sweet and homely vibe is required then

perhaps choose a candy shade.

To use pink be conscious of what side of feminine

you need to show sexy, fun, demur or sweet?

choose wisely

you do not want to give the wrong impression!

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