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  • jane turner

Trends for wedding2024

What are the wedding trends for 2024?

If you are heading for romance then blues and greens remain on trend, let the weather choose if you go for watery pastels in the summer heat or muted shades in the winter light.

Needing more of an impact? then go bold sunset with orange, apricot crush, and lime green, pair it with red for the winter season or yellow for the summer bride.

Gold remains the metal colour throughout the year bringing warmth and wealth to the event.

But if you needing a complete change of pace then go to the bottom of the wardrobe and find your mum's stash of 1970's clothes because your wedding is just the place to strut your stuff in them!

As always its a game of 2 halves you can whisper sweet nothings in a romantic pallet or shout your love from the top of the highest mountain at sundown. What is your wedding going to say about your love?


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