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Just like a skilled playwright crafting a theatrical masterpiece, our floral installations are meticulously unique creations, each one tailored exclusively for your project or business.


We collaborate with businesses of all sizes, creating specific projects such as eye-catching door designs that draw the attention of passersby who may have previously overlooked your presence, enhancing interiors for new store unveilings, product debuts, and special events, through to working with country parks on ‘insta’ walks and private statement peices.

Our floral theatre is all earth kind, wether purchased or hired, 99% of all materials used will be as sustainable, green, regenerative and eco as we can possibley make them.   


Along side our sustainable materials we can offer lifelike faux flowers giving colour and change of texture, these materials are ideal for enduring the heat and maintaining their beauty over time,


When we partner with you are designs can infuse your brand's colors, messaging, and even incorporate products and marketing materials seamlessly.

Our versatile designs can be showcased indoors or outdoors, our peices of floral thatre are available for purchase or flexible hire durations to meet your needs. Whether collaborating with an interior design expert to create a stunning piece of nature-inspired wall art, adding a touch of elegance to a newly constructed space, or crafting a breathtaking floral chandelier to elevate a retail setting, rest assured that our meticulous attention to detail and wealth of experience will transform your vision into a tangible, personalized reality.

Please contact us to talk through your ideas we would love to hear about your project.

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