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Take our quiz to finding your wedding style

Updated: Jan 23

Knowing where to start when you are having a wedding can be quite stressful especially if you haven't organized a large event before,

Take our fun quiz to help,

You are only 5 questions away from answering 'What's my wedding style?'

What are your go-to clothes in the summer?

1 Nude or black pumps, a beautiful jacket, and a lovely summer bag

2 Something handmade with a great vibe

3 Flip flops shorts, light fabrics the breeze will move

4 You use all your wardrobe equally, it is how you put it together that counts

5 Jeans, a T-shirt, backpack with a favorite jumper just in case

6 Your most loved charity shop find in a washed-out cherished fabric

A Saturday with friends what would you choose to do?

1 A meal out at your favorite restaurant

2 Somewhere new and exciting you have never been before

3 Dancing and eating ice cream

4 Cocktails at the new bar that has just opened

5 BBQQ in the garden

6 A walk around some charity or antique shops

Your favorite colours are?

1 Whites, creams, and elegant neutrals

2 Any colour as long as it's bright and the more of them the better

3 Colours of the sky and sunset tones

4 Grey and Pantone colour of the year

5 Beautiful earthy tones, rich or sun-dried

6 Faded pastels, pretty and muted

It is your dream Honeymoon where will it be?

1 Venice or Rome romantic and intermate

2 A new experience hiking, safari, cave diving

3 Together on your private beach

4 A hotel just listed on the world's most chic list

5 A renovated barn or tree house

6 Paris to find something unique to bring home and display

It's just you and the groom what would be a perfect day?

1 Romantic candle-lit dinner

2 His and hers Bunge jumping

3 Drink coffee and watch the world go by

4 Try out a new rooftop bar that has just opened

5 A country walk and a picnic

6 Visit a home or garden of historic interest


Add up your answers and find which one or ones you have the most numbers of

Mainly 1

The Timeless couple

Traditional and elegant, the ceremony is the place to concentrate, a romantic vibe using whites and greens would look beautiful for you.

Mainly 2

The Daring couple

Offbeat, colourful, and unexpected, don't let any rules stop you from making this your moment. Use colour in unexpected combinations use a film, book or holiday as inspiration.

Mainly 3

The chilled-out couple

It's all about the relaxed vibe, say no to anything formal, ditch the rules, and go with the flow. Keep your flowers relaxed hand-ties in glass jars, you will need to think just how messy you want them to go.

Mainly 4

The contemporary couple

Clean, on-trend, asymmetrical design, minimal but with impact. use striking containers for the table centers, using just one sort of flower or colour may work well for you both. Look at one or two large arrangements to keep it from being too fussy.

Mainly 5

The Rustic couple

Earthy, bringing natural surfaces and a natural look to all parts of the wedding. trees along the aisle, lots of foliage, and a wild country loose hand-tied tied with raffia will make you feel like you have just picked them on your way to the wedding.

Mainly 6

The Vintage couple

Time worn, a story in each item, elegant with a sense of history, use pieces from your collections at home to add to the tablescape. choose a dusty pastel scheme, light and pretty use vintage ribbon to tie the bouquet.

We hope that has helped, try not to get too stressed about your wedding, choosing wedding professionals that you trust and who understand your vibe will help, as they will instinctively know what you are trying to say and help you achieve the look you are after.

Our website may help further you, we have many pictures of different flower displays, floral theatre, and bridal bouquets to look at, we even have a downloadable lookbook for you.

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