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What wedding décor items can be hired?

There are many items that go into making your wedding day perfect. Above all else, your

décor items are perhaps the most important, as they help to set the scene and achieve your

desired atmosphere for your big day. However, stunning décor can be expensive, and

wasteful if you find yourself throwing it out once your wedding celebration is over.

Thankfully, you can bring your dream wedding vision to life cheaply and sustainably, by

opting to hire your décor. But which items can be borrowed rather than bought? Here are a

few ideas to consider.

Your flowers

Flowers are essential for any wedding celebration. However, if you’re having a UK wedding,

you’ll likely find that the flowers you order have been transported from overseas, so they

have a high carbon footprint. Plus, it can be hard to trace the supply chain of such flowers,

so we can never really be certain that workers haven’t been exploited throughout the

process of harvesting them.

Instead of opting to purchase exotic or out-of-season flowers, try to stick to ordering from

local suppliers. Hiring faux flowers is a great option if you’re committed to having an eco-

friendly wedding – when sourced from a skilled supplier, you can’t tell the difference between

them and the real thing. Plus, flowers that don’t harm the planet feel that much more special.

Your tableware

Your evening dinner is a chance for your guests to relax and refuel. As they begin to unwind,

they’re bound to notice all the little details around them – so, it’s important to ensure your

table décor looks perfect.

Most items on your wedding tables can be hired rather than bought, from your crockery and

cutlery to your tablecloths, tables and chairs. Most couples won’t need to hold onto hundreds

of new knives, forks and plates after their wedding is over, so it makes sense to hire them.

Use of almost all of these items will be included as part of the package when you book your

wedding venue. But, if you’ve got a particular theme or look you’re going for, you may want

to head out on your own to find unique items you can rent from elsewhere.

Your signage

There’s lots of stationery that you might want to personalise for your wedding, such as your

invitations and menus, which will inevitably be single-use items However, when it comes to

your welcome signs, ceremony signs, and table numbers, choosing to hire can be much

more sustainable and cost-effective.

There are lots of options to choose from for your wedding signage, no matter the kind of

design you’re looking for – just do a little research before your big day, or ask one of your

suppliers if they can recommend a service. Chalkboards and pinboards are classy and

reusable, helping to reduce the amount that’ll be thrown away after the event.

Look into other rental options

Hiring your wedding décor can make the wedding planning process feel much easier. You

don’t have to worry about what you’re going to do with all your items once the day is over,

you can save yourself some money, and know that you’re making a sustainable choice. The

items you can hire aren’t limited to wedding décor – consider looking into rental options for

your outfit and accessories for a truly eco-friendly day.

All flower designs you see in any of these photos where reused, repurposed or recycled, the designs individually made and were hired for the day.

A tree was planted in the married couples name to help off set the carbon footprint of their wedding.

The link below offers an excellent full guide if you are looking to keep your wedding as sustainable as possible.

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