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At Peacock & Gilt, we are all about creating a WOW, in fact, if you walk up to our work and don't go WOW we are quite disappointed.

We do that by going above and beyond, by making it truly personal to you, and really being attentive to what your dreams are for the design.

Of course, we will always add our eco twist that's just in our nature, we are compelled to reuse and recycle, forage for our foliage, and use heritage design techniques instead of foam where we can but, maybe that's why you love us.

To help you make an informed choice we feel you need all the information we can give you, it's that value that has driven us to start this blog. We would love you to find a deeper understanding of a topic, the reasons why something works or just to give you a starting point in your quest for your dream design.

Sit back, take a moment (maybe with a pot of tea and some cake), and enjoy our musings.

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